Gossip Girl: I'm smitten

To be honest, I had low expectations for GG. I'd heard mixed things before I turned on my DVR this morning, but an hour later I am hooked! Characters are well established; Manhattan locations are on-point (Serena and Nate hooking up at the Campbell Apartment--classic!); drama is firmly in place. I cannot wait for the second episode. The clincher was that I got a little nostalgic when I met Chuck. Anyone else agree with me that the new Steff is in town?

James Spader as "Steff" in Pretty in Pink, 1986:

Ed Westwick as "Chuck" in Gossip Girl, 2007:

PS-Check out my interview about Violet on the Runway with The Urban Muse, and leave a comment if you like it!

Chapel Thrill

images.jpeg So I'm back in my hometown for a few book events, and I'm feeling totally nostalgic. Hanging out with my mom, driving down Franklin Street, listening to G105 (which, I swear, still has some of my 90s high school music in rotation)... sigh. Anyway, I spoke to members of the Carolina Association of Future Magazine Editors tonight (thanks, LaToya and Cassandra!), and it was great to hear their questions--they were awesome. So many people discourage college students who want to become writers, which is silly. You can totally make a career of it. I swear.

Thanks, Daily Tarheel, for publicizing the event... (but Violet is actually from North Carolina--don't worry, the NY Post made the same mistake!).

Events this week:
September 20, 2007 4:00 PM-I'm reading and signing books at the East Regional Library in Knightdale! My college roommate and good friend Kathleen is a super librarian there!

Friday, September 21, 2007 7:00 PM-I'm reading at the Regulator Bookshop in Durham with Elizabeth Scott, author of the fantastic novel Bloom.

And I'm also totally stopping by my senior year English teacher's class at CHHS. Ms. Oliver, get ready!

Me and Mrs. Peter Brady

Mel%20and%20Mrs.%20Peter%20Brady.jpg Okay, so not only is she Mrs. Christopher Knight, but she's also the winner of season one of America's Next Top Model. So I feel like she has a kinship to Violet on the Runway, right? I'm stretching, but bear with me. I look so short in this photo, but I'm 5'8". AC is TALL and TAN. And I'm tweaking my head in a super-geeky way. We met at a Tourneau party. You know the watch company? I don't own a watch, but I do have one of the Marc Jacobs bauble-on-a-chain clocks, which counts, right?

Girl Headquarters shout-out

GHQ is a pretty cool project. What they're saying: "We all know that being a girl is great. But there is a ton of pressure for young women in Generation Y to be perfect: we are supposed to be star scholars, the best athletes, amazing girlfriends, pretty, witty, and just plain flawless. Yet, at the same time, young women are stereotyped as being dumb, narcissistic, and apolitical. So what's going on?"

Indeed! Check out the smart blogging that's going on over there.

(And they wrote nice things about Violet on the Runway, too.)


violet%20on%20the%20shelf.JPG It's out now! I even saw it at a Barnes and Noble in Poughkeepsie this weekend (and I signed those babies!). See the photo on the left; Violet's the tall one, natch.

You are still my friend if you don't buy it, but I'm not gonna lie: I'd really love for you (and everyone you know--even remotely) to buy it.

To find it in a local bookstore near you, visit booksense.com. And if you're not really a bookstore visitor, just go to melissacwalker.com and click on the amazon link. Thank you!!